About Dedy


Hello everyone out there!

My name is Dedy Hermawan Bagus Wicaksono. But, people like to call me “Dedy”. I was born in Indonesia, in the year 1974. I have a family of a loving wife and three children. Currently, I reside in Skudai, Malaysia. I am working as a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I teach and conduct research. My teaching subjects include Static and Dynamic, Biomechanics, Biomedical Materials, Project-based Learning Laboratory, Basic Laboratory, Conceive-Design-Implement-Observe Laboratory, (Bio)Sensors and Transducer. My research interests are Biomedical-oriented sensors including both mechanical and (bio)chemical sensors, Microfluidic especially oriented towards biomedical sampling, assay and diagnostics. I also supervise Undergraduate Final Year Project, Master-level and PhD-level research projects. I have been also active in various committees in faculty-, university-, national- and international-levels.

Previously, I used to reside in Delft, the Netherlands, from the year of 2003 to 2010. I was doing my Post-doctoral work at Delft University of Technology from 2008 to 2010 when I was conducting research on sensor development and its packaging integration for dental surgery drilling system. Prior to that, I was conducting my Doctoral research work in Biologically-inspired Microelectromechanical Sensors, also at the same university. .

I did my Master degree in Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan. I graduated in 2002, and my thesis was on AFM-based Single-Molecular Imaging and Biosensing, with specific case in imaging and sensing of Estrogen-alpha Receptor Protein and DNA complex bound.

Before my Master-degree education, I was trained as Engineering Physicist, and graduated in the year 1998 with B.Sc degree (cum laude, with honor) from Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. My graduation thesis was on Thin film SnO for CO gas sensing.

Other than those things, I had also worked in a Japanese Precision Industry in Shimizu-city, in the year 1998-1999, and had also been a part-time lecturer in the year 2002, at Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute Surabaya, Indonesia.

My professional interest is in the field of sensor technology in general, particularly those implemented using micro- and nano- technology.

In my spare time, I enjoy chatting and conversing with my family. I also enjoy reading non-fiction book, and watching movies. I also like to discuss any things in general with friends, especially about philosophy, spirituality, and cosmology.


2 Responses to “About Dedy”

  1. afriasSarotama Says:

    Hallo Mas Deddy. Perkenalkan saya Afrias Sarotama. Saya mahasiswa S3 Departemen Elektro Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia. Rencana penelitian saya adalah membuat kendali quadrotor dengan menggunakan metoda variable structure-ANFIS. Saya minta saran, gyroscope apa yang sebaiknya bisa saya gunakan untuk memantau kestabilan pesawat/helikopter. Ada chip yang bisa digunakan dan diperoleh secara mudah/murah? Terima kasih atas sarannya. Salam.

  2. dedywicaksono Says:

    Hallo Mas Afrias,
    saya kira sudah banyak gyroscope yang diproduksi massal, spt buatan Analog Devices: ADIS16265: Programmable Digital Gyroscope Sensor

    Untuk jelasnya silakan dilihat pada web mereka:

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